RAPT are focussing on four flagship projects which will begin a research and development period from Autumn 2018 to Spring 2019.

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A choice, a parting, the sea.

 An examination of how we stay afloat in turbulent times and what happens when we tip over.

A co-commission with University College, London which takes a coastal tour of the UK exploring the notion of staying afloat and ‘tipping points’ across socio-cultural and scientific domains with academics, journalists, communities and individuals.


Song of Songs

Song of Songs: we’re all in this together.

A choir meets to rehearse.

They are trying to find a song to make things better.

This piece will see RAPT work independently with four national choirs to think about the nature of community and how we love. 


the first base project

The First Base Project was a multi-media performance project involving unhoused clients at First Base Day Centre, RBD Design and Roberta Piazza.

I get up.

I get up - still breathing,

I get up.

A series of films were created which explored participants’ experience of living in the city, their lives and selfhood.


The Loneliness project

We are more connected than ever. 

In some ways. Aren't we?

A new project examining contemporary experiences of loneliness bringing together artists, interested interdisciplinary researchers and relevant community participants.