Spring - Autumn 2019

The human body is two thirds water. It is easier to float than sink.

We live on an island, surrounded by water. We haven’t always but one day we floated away.

 A choice, a parting, the sea.

 An examination of how we stay afloat in turbulent times and what happens when we tip over.

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Co-commissioned by University College London Culture, this new RAPT project will begin R&D in June 2019.

Through key autobiographical stories, we take a coastal tour of the UK exploring the notion of staying afloat and ‘tipping points’ across socio-cultural and scientific domains with academics, journalists, communities and individuals.

Exploring the potential for a one-woman solo show which works across disciplines and with experimental forms to better understand ourselves and our society.

  • A woman sets sail alone on a small boat to find a kinder society.

  • A father goes for a swim with his son but doesn’t come back.

  • A seaside town sings of transitions.

  • Academics (mathematician, physicist, sociologist) explore the theory of tipping points.

Local choirs use their own words to sing newly composed sea shanties about the changing landscape of their coastal community.

An audience explore their own tipping points during a live experience.