Rapt was founded in 2017 by artists Lisa Peck & Emma Higham.

We make theatre and performance.

Our process works with academic research/ researchers, artists and participatory community groups to create experimental and interdisciplinary performance. 

We explore bold new ways of making performance, inviting collaboration with a range of artists and experts.

A choir, a neuroscientist, a drummer,

an older people’s home, aN historian,

a market stall holder, a philosopher.  

We are particularly interested in how making a performance can provide a better understanding of each other. As such, our work responds to people, stories and place to grapple with current ideas surrounding identity and community.

It is sometimes immersive and often site-responsive - performing in a nightclub, a domestic house, a school hall, a street and theatre spaces.

RAPT's work will build on the combined experience of theatre-makers Dr Lisa Peck and Emma Higham towards creating ambitious new work.

the extraordinary in the everyday,

the personal in the epic and the poetic in the piecemeal.