Are We There Yet?


Oxford House. Tower Hamlets, London

From the small everyday journeys out of our armchairs to the epic journeys across countries and cultures - each one leaves a tiny trace on the traveller. 

Working with 20 older participants from Bromley by Bow Centre and Fern Street Settlement, London alongside 20 students from Old Palace and Clara Grant Primary Schools, this intergenerational theatre and film performance project explored their many stories and journeys. 

DSC_0268 (c) Magic Me - Brian Slater 2017 copy.jpg

The performers explored storytelling, movement, film and recorded sound; sharing stories of leaving homes, arriving in new countries, life-changing train trips, births, marriages and much more.

Created by Emma Higham and video artist Chuck Blue Lowry, as part of a Magic Me project. Magic Me is the UK's leading creator of intergenerational arts projects, an award winning charity based in Tower Hamlets.