The House Project

May 2014

Have you ever looked through a window into someone else's world?

The house is 'for sale'.

In the garage, sisters sort remnants of family life into job lots; upstairs a son, long disappeared, plays the haunting music of Nick Drake.

Simultaneously staged across the four floors, the garden and garage of a Brighton townhouse this initimate and immersive devised performance invites the audience to travel through time and memory in an exploration of house as home and house as capital. Brighton Laboratory's 2014 sold out production captivated the imaginations of audiences and critics.

This is a piece that pushes boundaries, plays with time and has the sense of a cracked reality which was at times reminiscent of David Lynch. One of the most exciting pieces I’ve seen in a very long time and an unforgettable viewing experience.
— Broadway Baby

The House Project is a poignant piece of theatre about a house, a family, and the way that the two are intertwined. This is a thoroughly well-constructed piece of theatre.
— A Younger Theatre

Not only timely but almost pathologically compelling.
— Total Theatre