The Loneliness Project

Autumn 2017 

We are more connected now than ever before. 

Aren't we?

Trips planned at the click of a button. Hook-ups with the swipe of a screen. Opinions in 40 characters. 

Notified, liked, poked and shared.

Living closer and closer; globally and locally.

But dig down, look again and what is below the surface? 

Recent research from Relate reports that almost half of 5,000 people asked (45%) said they feel lonely at least some of the time, with almost a fifth (18%) saying they feel lonely often or all of the time. 

(The Way We Are Now – The State of the UK’s Relationships. 2017)

A new project by RAPT will explore contemporary experiences of loneliness bringing together artists, interested interdisciplinary researchers and relevant community participants. 

Stage One will begin R&D in Autumn 2017 and will examine the moments of transition when you move to a new school.

Working with the first year of primary, secondary and sixth form we will be leading participatory, autobiographical workshops and collecting stories for the wider project. This exploration will result in a curated sound score to be played on benches in school playgrounds.

From 8 to 80 … how do we live now?